Le Cantiche 1302

Le Cantiche 1320 is a project to celebrate the 700-year anniversary of the iconic Divine Comedy. The Italian narrative poem written by Dante Alighieri in 1320.

Le Cantiche 1320 is a project to celebrate the 700-year anniversary of the iconic Divine Comedy. The Italian narrative poem written by Dante Alighieri in 1320.

Le Cantiche 1302 : To begin with, The Divine Comedy is one of the most important and well known works written by Dante Alighieri.To be more specific, it is a work everyone studies it all over the world, and considered the greatest masterpiece of literature of all time.

Creative Director of the project was Emanuele Milella in collaboration with Front-End Developer Clément Roche.

Emanuele Milella is an Italian Creative Director and Interactive Designer with a focus in web interfaces and interactive design,.

I’ve always been fascinated by Dante’s masterpiece and enjoyed studying it a lot at school. Because this work is in the vernacular language, (the ancient Italian language), definitely studying it can be very difficult.

The entrance to Hell

Furthermore, collecting all the important information, gathering all the right content that needed and sourcing all the related images, gave the designing team the ground foundation to build the initial design concept. Meanwhile, in parallel to the research, they created a copy/paste storyboard with all details of the project. The team wanted to better visualise all the elements involved, and start creating a design structure. With this in mind they started different design explorations for the page layouts and structure. The storyboard was so important and made the design work much easier.

Layout and Content

The main idea of this project was to reproduce a digital booklet where users could browse easily without losing the look and feel of a book. A combination of large images and big and bold typography in a storytelling layout would help people to get more engaged.

Vertical menu to give the feeling of a bookmark

The layout of Le Camtiche 1302 consists of four main sections where the project focuses on each book of the poem. The Hell, the Purgatory and the Paradise. An introduction page helped introduce the project and the overall details of the three books. To highlight the design, the team created illustrations with great curation.

the Paradise chapter

An Easter Egg inside the site. The Red Room

What is more, the typography in use required a particular effort too. ” It’s 90% of the design ” the team of Le Cantiche 1302 claims, and can drastically define the look and feel of the whole experience.

In all my projects I make a lot of room for typography. For me it’s 90% of the design.

All illustration made by Paul Gustave Doré are made with a lithographic pencil technique

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