A night to rembember. Ralph’s Club.

Presenting Ralph Lauren Fall 2019

Ralph Lauren has a way of serving sophistication with a side of quirky. It was only natural for Ralph Lauren Fall 2019 ready-to-wear collection to be unveiled in a Wall Street bank styled as a 1920s speakeasy for the night. It was also natural for classic tuxedos to appear amid the tables, glammed up with glitter, faux fur, and the occasional tongue-in-cheek statement on modern embellishments. Tailored silhouettes characterised the collection, some adhering to the classic black-and-white palette and others flauntingvibrant primary colours. Flowing robes in place of blazers and crystal studdedovercoats casually embracing tuxedo shirts kept things edgy, while a red sequined gown served as the unexpected highlight of the collection.

Our PortrelEdit in Gigi Hadid’s vintage -inspired design.



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