Orsolina 28. International Dance Center.


Orsolina 28

International Dance Center



An enchanted place in the heart of Monferrato.

Orsolina28 was born from the passion of Simony Denegri, a passionate connoisseur of dance, and the deep professional respect and common vision with Marie-Agnès Gillot Étoile de l’Opéra de Paris .


The farm buildings have been completely renovated and enlarged to become fascinating rooms for dance and moving arts in general . Everything was done to ensure the benefits for those who achieve a profound balance between mind, body and spirit.


The complex of Orsolina 28  counts 3 large rooms : the Ailey Room, the Balanchine and the Hall of Fitness.


Ailey ROOM



Situated on the first floor the Ailey room features large windows that allow anyone to dance in direct contact with nature , with the colors, with lights and suggestions that every hour of the day and every season forward. The room , which measures 10×20 meters and can be divided into two parts, has on the whole long bottom wall a single large mirror, and the bars at three heights for small and large pupils . There is an upright piano for accompaniment of classes.
The floors and carpets are made by Harlequin , excellence for dance in the world.










On the ground floor, along with the changing rooms and showers, Balanchine room measures 9×11 meters . The bars are fixed at three heights for large and small pupils with an upright piano for accompaniment of classes.





















The garden is the result of ancient agricultural practices implemented with current techniques . The four-year crop rotation is vital to improve the structure of the “vineyard plot” which is implemented on 8 terraced fields aimed at midday. The area of about 2500 square meters produces edible flowers, small fruits and high quality organic vegetables.






Marie-Agnès Gillot


Marie-Agnès Gillot joined the Paris Opera ballet in 1989 at age 14.
She become a soloist in 1994 and has quickly interpreter of important roles in the Carlson choreography, Nureyev, Nijinsky, Belarbi.
AROP receives the prize in 1998, and the following year became a prima ballerina. In 2004, she was nominated étoile after the execution of “Signs” by Carolyn Carlson. Since then she continues to stage the biggest roles of the ballets presented at the Paris Opera.


“I chose to accept the artistic direction of Orsolina28, therefore I believe that in such an environment close to nature the Dance can reach very high levels. Dance for me is freedom and Orsolina28 is a free site with peace, poetry, good air and healthy food. “
















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