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Creative Dialogues. Ioanna Kourbela, The Awakening of Sensibility.

It is not the first time we talk about Ioanna’s Kourbela collection. Few months ago we dreamt with her, in theJe reve; her summer line that was wrapping around the curves of our sunburnt bodies . Now in a new, sensational expression of  her creativity the designer presents her winter line and invites us to an “awakening of sensibility”, where a return to more essential feelings could makes us ultimately happy..!   Inspired by numerous years of family tradition, the Greek fashion designer gives another meaning to Urban Greek designer clothing by dealing with raw material fibers, natural, top quality fabrics . Ioanna was very kind to answer to our questions and she welcomes all of you in her world.. Enjoy!



  •  POE  What is your style philosophy?
 IK    Beauty which derives from simplicity.
  • POE  Which are the elements that inspired you concerning your collection?

IK  The movement of the body inside the clothes, sophisticated shades of colours and the natural combinations of raw materials.



  • POE  Is there somebody in your life that influenced you in entering the world of fashion? How has he/she inspired you?

IK  In the first place, my surroundings had to do with the world of fashion and that was a strong, inspiring force for me.


  • POE  Do you believe in role models?

IK  I am keen on the version of beauty coming up pure and clean. I prefer imperfectness that gives character through which the atmosphere of each collection is empowered.



  • POE  Who are the designers you admire and why?

IK   At times I pick up collections by different creators. What impresses me is simplicity combined with inventiveness.


  • POE  What fabrics and materials have you used in your latest collection?

IK  Boiled Yarns giving the sense of handmade, forming directions and the unusual volumes.                                                               Geometrical Prints  in double face dresses, creating the illusions of layering.                                                                                           Delicate Pie de Pull & Oversize plaid coats, dresses and blouses



  • POE   The awakening of sensibility” is how you named your latest collection. What does it mean to you? What would you like to say with this name?

IK  Everybody nowadays, experiences new situations and challenges, through the social- political changes. I truly believe that the only way to cope with it is the awakening of sensibility and the return to more essential feelings which makes us ultimately happy.



  • POE  Any plans for e-shop?

IK   It’s something that has been going on for long and should have been ready; It’s simply a huge project and lots of changes have come up.  Shortly it will be on air.



  • POE  What is your craziest dream professionally?

IK  To work isolated, in the calmness of nature, having the feeling of the intensive pace of the city.



  • POE   Three essential things that a woman should need to know

IK     1.       What is the correct height of heels                                                                                                                                                                                           2.       Easy tips for the hair  to look well cared                                                                                                                                                                                       3.      Which are the proper colours to summer/ winter



  • POE   The Euro crisis has created a lot of fear, intimidation and scepticism especially in Greece. Is there on optimistic side for you? Do you have hopes for our country in the future?

IK   I strongly believe in what Greece is and what Greeks own as character. We must find ways to handle positively the trend, even the negative exposure the country has had lately.. Greece has to act as a challenge and not to wear us out!



milan, italy

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