Creative Dialogues.Interview with the new designer, Aurora Potenti.

Aurora Potenti is a brand new designer from Italy and she shares her story and the secrets of success with us.


POE Tell me a few words about you. How did you start creating items? Any studies on fashion??

A.P I have started creating my fashion style in my childood but I have decided to become a Fashion Stylist in 1997 when Gianni Versace died…He was my favourite genius of fashion.I haven’t studied at a fashion school…I have decided to create my style without the help of an istitute.


POE  Where exactly are you located? What is unique about Italian Style? What do you love about it?

A.P I live in a fantastic part of Italy:the magic Tuscany…the style of the italian fashion is a mix of glamour,chic,passion,colors,art,history and creativity…a so rare creativity!About it I love its historical origins.Only in Italy there is a so big,enormous background of art.



POE  What is your style philosophy?

A.P My philosophy is based on differences! in every cloths…And I am always trying to be original.




POE  Is fashion just pleasure for you or do you also involve yourself in the business side at all?

A.P Fashion is,for the moment,ONLY a creative pleasure…As i have mentioned before, I haven’t studied at a fashion school. However, this lack of studies, made me be more focused  to the true Style, to be more authentic than chasing Marketing..



POE How is your designing philosophy different than other fashion designers?

A.P I don’t know if my creative philosophy is simple to understood but I “put” on my cloths everything I am, everything I experience and I everything i feel. I honestly believe that if is true that everybody is different than another and if is true that all the things that we do express our inner self…YES,my philosophy in fashion and my clothes are different than other fashion designers.




POE How do you think blogging is changing the fashion industry?

A.P Yes,very much…Blogging has changed dramatically the last 5 years..everything is fast,every day more fast,and  blogging is the only virtual activity that can give a rapide sensation of fashion.




POE Who/what are you most inspired by? Where do you find inspiration?

A.P My inspirations come from volumes and forms of others cloths.Only this.



POE Your ambitions for the future??Is the global crisis affecting you??

A.P As a fashion stylist i am still at the beginning..,so the”crisis”is natural for me,there is a daily crisis for me…However i am a strong person and I do think that there is a litlle space for me to the Fashion Industry…I will continue my dream: to think, to design and to create my cloths and I will continue not to think so much of tomorrow,about the future and the global crisis…



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