Hello world! Portraits of Elegance Letter from the Editor.

Portraits of Elegance


To begin with, I must admit that i am feeling a bit weird being a “newbie” in the world of blogging. The truth is that it has been a long time since i wanted to start  posting things that i adore. What is more to write about what i am interested in and what makes me want to investigate even deeper. So here we have : Portraits of Elegance



I admit that i am not a journalist or a writer. Therefore is not that easy  to transport my thoughts on a piece of paper (or on a proper post if you like). However,  i promise you that this blog will be a written testimonial of my soul.  A demonstration of my thoughts and my inner self to the public and i promise you that  it will be true.



Hence, Portraits Of Elegance will be portraits of my personal definition of art, style, fashion, interiors, architecture and travel. Thank god all this words count uncountable dimensions.






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