Yiorgos Trichas Ceramic Design.

Yiorgos Trichas Ceramic Design. Words turned into Objects.

Handmade ceramics with an autonomous artistic value.

Ceramic Design turned out as the perfect solution for the artist.

Yiorgos Trichas grew up in the bustling Athens, a city formed by contradictions. From a young age he searched for the right words in which he would describe the strange reality around him.

Growing up, he realised that “Words” is a great power in the world. Consequently, he studied Speech Therapy at the University of Ioannina and the past years he is teaching children.

Due to his love for his job, the artist wanted to transform the words into ceramic objects. To express his ideas into a unique story. Therefore, with subversive techniques that have a strong element of experimentation, he gives his handmade ceramics an autonomous artistic value, wishing them to play a special part in the life of the one who will acquire them.

Ceramic art and design offer an exciting and broad range of opportunities. To discover a personal creative and artistic potential through making, design and technical processes.
Simple and functional, calm and elegant. Words that want to be said loud.

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