Mori Building Digital Art Museum. Creativity meets physical activity in Odaiba, Tokyo.

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Mori Building Digital Art Museum.

Creativity meets physical activity in Odaiba, Tokyo.


The first exclusively Digital Art Museum in Odaiba, shοuld be your next art destination!





With the full name: “MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM teamLab Borderless”,  the creative and 400-strong Japanese tech-art collaborative team announced its plans to open its first permanent exhibition space in Tokyo this summer and promises to give a groundbreaking experience.


This atmospheric exhibition will be established in a gallery space in the τown section of Odaiba, a man-made islet in Tokyo Bay.










For the last several years, digital art collective teamLab has organized impressive installations all around Japan and abroad. Various museums have played host and fans have lined up for hours to feel the digital experience which can be both interactive and colorful. Now, teamLab is getting their own museum of digital art thanks to a collaboration between Japanese property management company  Mori Building. These two partnered  in the design and curation of the new museum.


The Mori company  offered the massive space to teamLab as a way to draw an international crowd to the area. The museum’s roughly 10,000-square-meter floor space will be divided into five areas, with about 40 works on controlled by 520 computers and 470 projectors. The installations react and respond to visitors, creating a set of shifting and immersive three-dimensional spaces.





TeamLab coined the principal exhibition, Borderless, to describe the nature of the boundary-free installations that exceed the various rooms, creep down the halls, communicate with other artworks, and sometimes become one with them.


The exhibition includes a lot of inventive themes that drift the visitor into a colorful, magical and bright journey to the fantasy.  The Installations within Borderless, such as ‘born from the darkness a loving and beautiful world’, ‘flower forest’, and ‘black waves’ continuously evolve ,communicate, influence and sometimes intermingle with each other. As a result, human presence determines the activity of the artwork. Therefore, the physical influences and connections between the digital objects are calculated in real time, producing a complex and natural world. Visitor plays a role on each theme. Other artworks see seasons change gradually across the installation spaces, a seasonal year of flowers growing, and blossoming before their petals begin to wither and eventually fade away.



Another facet of the ‘borderless’ exhibition is ‘future park’, an educational project and an experimental field for collaborative creation. Teamlab asserts that humans learn about the world through interaction with others and by sharing experiences. Through interactive artworks like ‘sketch aquarium’ and ‘sliding through the fruit field’.



The artworks do not short on non-participated themes or non-educational. Within the museum, a significant  portion of the exhibitions will focus on creative spaces for children that hone their sense of awareness through the navigation of a multi-sensory environment. Αthletics  forest’  is a new initiative that binds creativity with physical activity, promoting the growth of the brain, and training spatial awareness skills. What is more, visitors can experience three-dimensional activities, a space to jump high and sink low through ‘boing boing universe’, an area to navigate across floating, swinging bars, trying not to fall, and a large three-dimensional ‘mountain’ created with slopes of different elevations. Consequently, participants become immersed in interactive digital art across complex three-dimensional spaces that result in an interactive, physical and creative experience.





The aim of this innovative attempt is not only to share amusement but also for the visitor through enjoying this co-creative experience to become more creative in their everyday lives. Furthermore, it’s time to dive into virtual reality and become part of the art among the artworks and the installations morphing and transforming  according to your presence!




Tokyo-based collective teamLab is set to open its DIGITAL ART MUSEUM in Tokyo on June 21, 2018.





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