Luxury wilderness. The Singular Patagonia Puerto Bories Hotel.

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The Singular Patagonia


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A 4.5-star hotel in the region of Mylodon Cave Natural Monument is a unique historic destination, set in a privilege setting and location.


Declared as a national heritage in 1996, the Singular Patagonia, Puerto Bories Hotel is the perfect balance between comfort, elegance and wild luxury of Patagonia. Created from a converted cold storage plant dating from the early 20th century, the Frigorífico Bories,  the hotel was designated as a  National Monument in 1996. The buildings have been beautifully re-purposed, retaining key structures, and incorporating a museum into the lobby to display original artifacts and equipment.



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The Singular Patagonia is located in Puerto Bories, 5 kilometers from Puerto Natales. The resort has 57 rooms with a jaw – dropping view towards the infinite of the Southern Zone. Each Singular Room is 45 square meters (500 square feet) and features 1 king bed or 2 queen beds, a 6 meter wide glass panel window overlooking the Patagonian fjords and the Last Hope Sound.



The Singular offers an extraordinary experience with its enriching details.  The amazing view of the Patagonian fjords promises a quiet and unique atmosphere of tranquility. What is more, interior decor. Luxurious custom furniture and large beds designed for a deep and comfortable sleep. In addition, rooms offer disabled/wheel chair access, large executive working desk,  overstuffed Love Seat / seating area in room, minibar and finally in-room safe.



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When it comes to the Singular Suite you get twice the view as the window stretches across the width of the oversized suite. It  is 70 square meters (750 square feet) and boasts 1 king bed, as well as a couch and separate sitting area. The suites overlook the fjord of the Last Hope Sound offering a front row seat to the best show on earth created by Mother Nature.






Exploring Patagonia is as exciting as sitting down and enjoying a gourmet meal.


El Asador is a place with a rustic and historic style. An infrastructure that preserves the façade of the nineteenth century,  transformed into a gastronomic space. To begin with, the tasting of typical dishes of the area, are the main attraction for the demanding gastronomic clients. Also the hotel’s restaurant is a fusion of the views of Seno Última Esperanza, the mountain ridges and the award-winning cuisine of the Executive Chef, Laurent Pasqualetto, who mixes French trends with local products.



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The Singular Spa can deliver a wellness experience inspired by the word SPA’s origin – Salut Per Aqua- . A 3,000 sq ft eco-SPA connects guests to nature using organic plants and fruits for oil extracts and moisturizers woven into an array of pampering pleasures.



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We don’t know what sparked the architectural arms race in Patagonia, but we’re certainly not complaining. These sublime, end-of-the-earth landscapes don’t need much dressing up in the first place. Still, that hasn’t stopped the region’s high-end hoteliers from enhancing the experience by springing for some extraordinarily artful buildings.


The Singular Patagonia, singular though it may be, is no exception to that rule.



This one, as it happens, is a restoration job, a total re-imagining of an old cattle processing plant. A hotel that takes the idea of industrial chic to dizzying new heights. For every piece of vintage machinery or gorgeously weathered brickwork there’s an equally striking modern gesture — though, given the setting, perhaps none more impactful than the guest rooms’ enormous floor-to-ceiling windows.



Patagonia’s rugged landscape tends to leave guests in need of some serious physical comforts, and the Singular has them all covered. The fixtures and furnishings are first-rate, the food and beverage programs are of extraordinary quality, and the 3,000-square-foot spa complex is state-of-the-art.



It’s got an additional meta-comfort as well, in the form of its all-inclusive policy, increasingly a signal of pure forget-about-it luxury. Here all-inclusive includes not just food and wine but airport transportation and all manner of adventurous excursions, from simple guided hikes to some strenuous treks through Torres del Paine. Simply put, there are a lot of ways to do Patagonia, but Singular is in the very top tier. No regrets, to say the least.



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Finally, the unique properties, the excellent gastronomy, the attractive destination, the human dimension of hotel are very important but the passion for the excellence in service make the difference.



Content : Elena Iliadou 
Curatonr : Eleanna Tabouri
Photography : @The Singular Hotels

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