Shark filled Atrium. In Miami Science Museum.

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The Miami Science Museum is an attraction in the city of Miami, Florida USA. The museum itself  has the Space-Transit Planetarium, Weintraub Observatory and a wildlife center. More specifically it showcases these exhibits:


  • The Sea Lab
  • Water, Wind, and Weather: Miami in a Changing Climate
  • Room for Debate
  • Heart Smart
  • Energy Tracker
  • Fuels of the Future
  • Moving Things
  • The Wildlife Center
  • Planetarium



In March 2011, Miamian Phillip Frost donated $35 million for the construction of the new Miami Science Museum in Downtown Miami. Frost’s donation to the museum, is one of the largest donations to Miami’s cultural institutions. The museum broke ground in early 2012, and is planned to be completed by the end of 2015. However, the most striking aspect of the design, will be its 600,000 gallon aquarium, under which – if the renderings are to be believed–visitors will frolic in evening wear, sipping cocktails beneath the auspices of feeding sharks. Yes, sharks!







The video above virtually presents the new Patricia and Phillip Frost museum.

Miami Science Museum aims to make a difference in people’s lives by inspiring them to appreciate the impact that science and technology can have on every facet of our world.


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