Vespa Style, Ride in Elegance!

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I have a great affection when it comes to Vespas. Since the 20’s the stylish vehicle has been an icon of style not only for fashion but for design, art and architecture. The Piaggio family, after the war were struggling to reinvent their business . There is a legend that Enrico Piaggio was inspired by his employees, who had trouble getting from one part of the Piaggio facility to another due to large portions of it being bombed out. However, this same tale is told of Vespa competitor Lambretta, so the story is doubtful..



In any case the family created a design and based on its shape and the sound of the engine, Piaggio decided to call it “Wasp.” The Italian word for wasp, of course, is vespa! After that, the history is quite know. Once Vespas were associated with celebrities, their popularity spread worldwide.





Caroline de Maigret

Caroline de Maigret









Giovanna Battaglia Street Style at MFW S’14_by Anthea Simms.

Giovanna Battaglia Street Style at MFW S’14 Photo by Anthea Simms.







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