Culture Chanel Expo. A Superb Exhibition in Shanghai.

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“Culture Chanel” is an exhibition about the famous brand which has just opened in Shanghai. This exhibition is held with the support of the House of Chanel and is organised by Jean-Louis Froment, a well-known figure in the contemporary art and design worlds. What is remarkable, he did not divide the exhibition’s space chronologically but  through  five themes : ‘Origin’, ‘Abstraction’, ‘Invisibility’, ‘Liberty’ and ‘Imaginary’ .





The Camellia Trademark


Chanel Perfum No 5. Coco’s lucky number. “I present my dress collections on the fifth of May, the fifth month of the year and so we will let this sample number five keep the name it has already, it will bring good luck.” she used to say


Tailor made Dresses


Silk, Embellished, Tailor made Dress


Olga Picasso with Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso, all of them were very close to the designer.

Olga Picasso with Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso, all of them were very close to the designer.

A piece that refers to Gabrielle Chanel’s childhood spent at the orphanage in Aubazine, Corrèze (France). Coco Chanel inspired by her experiences and life in the monastery.






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