Jil Sander S/S 2011 Collection. Just like a Rainbow!

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Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_16_Edit_



Raf Simons was named the creative director for the House since July 2005 for both  menswear and womenswear. At his latest collection he managed to combine perfectly major skirts with tiny tops. What is more, it is pretty amazing how he achieved to support minimalism, for what Jil Sander’s name has been synonymous about, along with maximalism. Most noteworthy, the great color combination. Purple with pink and green, orange – pink and blue,  red-yellow-pink and black. Additionally the designer combined classic dressing along with volumes. Neon colour Therefore, this collection is inspiring us for the summer.


Moreover, there is a real art in trying to produce the greatest effects with minimal means  and thus,  in matters of style and design, here we have a champion of simplicity and of excess!



Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_Details_1


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_2


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_3


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_4_Edit


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_6


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_Details_4


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_7


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_Details_6

Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_8


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_9


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_10


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_11


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_12


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_13


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_14


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_15


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_16


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_17


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_18


Jil Sander_SS2011_PortrelFashion_PortraitsofElegance_19







Photos courtesy by style.com



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