Furla Collection. Rabbit holes with Alice in Wonderland.

Furla & The Leitmotiv duo during Fashion’s Night Out.



When i first saw the new f/w  Furla collection  “Alice in Wonderland”  in July i had no idea that both men and women would go completely crazy about them. At least here, in Milan, there is no day that comes by without seeing that rabbit  Furla it-bag . And so it was Leitmotiv by Fabio Sasso and  Juan Caro who created that capsule collection of accessories inspired by Alice in Wonderland  and made it refined with not an inkling of cartoon. However not only the blond little curious Alice and her rabbits “wander” around Milan, but it is also the limited edition of  flag bags that make the difference. Between Italy, United Kingdom and Japan, i choose of course the Italian one.

milan, italy

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